Equipment to bridge the urban outdoor gap

Blackbriar started in Korea

It is growing rapidly around Asia,

We are in contact with many companies to enter the European and North American markets.

Blackbriar is a business method called "We are family."

It's not just a business relationship

As a family, by creating a brand together

Cooperate and develop together.

Vist the Shopthan to be praised for the which we do possess.

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Blackbriar Head office

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A brand established in 2015 by creative director and pro snowboarder

Based on experience, it was started to relieve discomfort and create products that can be used in extreme sports and in everyday life.

Starting with ski & snowboarding supplies, we are expanding our scope to various extreme sports.

It is rapidly expanding in recognition of the excellence of products and designs, mainly in Asia.


With years of production experience, Blackbriar makes quality products.

Korea, China, Vietnam, etc., taking into account the production method, material supply and demand, and product characteristics.

The production country and production plant are selected.


Blackbriar Design

Extreme sporting goods, but stylish and stylish

Design that anyone who can use in everyday life can relate to