Extreme Allround wheeled 2.0 / Limited Ashy Green

Included ACC.

Pouch L 1pcs.


Blackbriar Extreme All-Round 2.0 Wheeled
It is a newly released product that combines only the advantages of light wheelback and all-round version 1.0.

The newly upgraded wheeled skis and snowboards can be moved more safely and conveniently, and the size can be adjusted from 156 cm to 200 cm with Blackbriar's unique folding technology.

Skateboard wheels are applied for smoother and quieter movement.


- 720° foam insert
- TSA lock
- Side high-strength restoration span pockets
- Blackbriar folding size adjustment
- Storage of 2 adult skis + 1 child ski (with binding)
- Two freestyle units can be stored (with binding)
- Waterproof & Anti scratch material


-PU Coated water repellent and scratch resistant


- 156cm to 200cm x 35cm x 20cm
- 120L / 67" / 3.4kg